Ah, the Corporate world…. Some love it and thrive while others hate it and immediately quit thinking they are not cut out for the corporate lifestyle.

Personally, by practicing mindfulness, I have found peace and more importantly, passion in all of my work endeavors.

The key to enjoying the work you do, you must first be mindful of yourself. Especially when applying and searching for a potential employer, it is important to understand your values and morals and to find a company that aligns with your values.

The typical stereotype of corporate life is, “sitting in a 5 x 5 cubicle for 8 hours per day”. While that may be the case for some industries and offices, it doesn’t have to be the standard.

Incorporate these 7 tips to add a little mindfulness into your corporate workday.

1) Meditate during your commute

Whether you drive, walk or take public transportation, a good day starts with setting positive intentions. Especially when there is a delay or you end up sitting in traffic, it is easy to start the day in a bad mood. Instead, take that time to sit with yourself, tune into your breath and set positive intentions for the day.

2) Put a meditation reminder on your desk

I have a small Buddha statue on my desk and whenever I look at it, I remember to take 5 deep breaths and center & ground myself. This allows me to reset, refocus and continue on with my day!

3) Set reminders on your phone

Set a reminder on your phone to breathe and meditate. If you are busy at that time, make sure to snooze it for a little later. I use the Fabulous App to keep myself on track. The theory is that it takes 21 days to make/break a habit. This app allows you to pick daily “habits” you want to learn and reminds you throughout the day to complete them.

4) Bring your Lunch

You may be asking, “how will this help?” First, bringing healthy lunches not only boosts your energy and gets your mind working right but because you avoid leaving your desk to buy lunch… you actually buy yourself some extra time to sit quietly and reflect on your day (and save some money)

5) Get up, walk & breathe

Whether you get 15-minute breaks or not, you definitely have time throughout the day to go to the bathroom or grab a drink from the water cooler. Rather than running around, rushing around the office, take this time (even if it be 45 seconds) to breathe and reset your mind.

My office has a treadmill and standup desk that we can use if we don’t feel like sitting. See if you can take advantage of some of these features and if your office doesn’t already have them, recommend it! There have been countless studies and the evidence has proven that mindfulness and meditation greatly improve productivity, the satisfaction of employees and function within the company and the culture.

6) Schedule 10-15 minutes before & after meetings to collect your thoughts

There is nothing worse than running from meeting to meeting and cramming your work in, in between. Don’t let your mind get frazzled. Clear your mind, and take some time to gather and collect your thoughts.

7) Be Positive in everything that you do

Look at problems as challenges to overcome. Try to find your true values and align your daily tasks with those values. That way when problems arise you will be more inclined to focus and problem solve.

Our bodies… This world… the fact that we are here at this very moment is SO amazing! Everything is more enjoyable when you do them mindfully; come into your body, listen to your inner self and just live your best life!

Leave a comment below with your favorite mid-day meditations! xox