Namaste! I’m Melissa and I started my journey towards being more mindful about 2 years ago. I thought yoga and meditation would be a quick fix for my anxiety, but little did I know it would drastically change the way I lived every day!

I live with my boyfriend and 3-year-old lop-eared puppy, Luna B. Jones. (check her out on Instagram #LunaBJones). They are my two best friends and loves of my life! We do everything together from hiking and traveling to snuggling on the couch. I was a competitive gymnast for 15 years before coming to college and always lived a fairly healthy lifestyle. My mom has always been interested in the latest health trend and she typically had the best vegetarian meal ready for us on the dinner table each night. But everything changed for me when I started college at Rutgers. I struggled with find enough time to workout and had no idea how to eat healthy while living on campus…. (enter fat sandwiches, greasy food & all night snacking!!)

My first step towards improving my anxiety & mindset was getting in a consistent workout routine. I joined RWJ Gym (totally recommend it, if you have one near you) and committed to going at least 3-4 times per week. Now, do not think I one day I just successfully started working. At this point, I had quit and restarted Kayla Itsine’s BBG program about 30 times before finally telling myself, “I AM DOING THIS!”.

Now that I was improving how my body felt physically, it was time to start working on how I felt mentally.  I have had some brief experiences with meditation and yoga but I was never fully convinced of the true benefits. But now I realize even that’s OK! Now I realize that even though I wasn’t committed, I was still improving. You’ll see me saying this a lot, but mindfulness is not about the destination, rather it is about being present for the journey! AKA LOVE YO LIFE & ENJOY EVERY MINUTE! Each and every moment can teach you something wonderful if you just allow it.

I have wanted to create a space like this for quite some time now and found the perfect opportunity through my Digital Communications Capstone course. This is a place where I can hold myself accountable and encourage & grow with other similar minded people, like you! This blog will serve as my journal and is a place for me to be genuinely real with you! It is a place for you to turn for inspiration & motivation, and even more importantly, for support & encouragement! My hope is that this blog will help you find YOUR perfect balance in life. I hope you will join me on this journey towards mindfulness & help me form a community that wants to grow, explore and connect with others along the way!

Remember to keep it mindful!! xox

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