It’s time to get rid of those old negative energies and get the positive intentions flowing here!

Most of us have probably heard about Chakras but have been intimidated on how to get started. If you are unfamiliar with the 7 Chakras, check out this beginner’s guide! This blog post then outlines how I  cleared my Chakra Crystals BEFORE using them to align & balance my chakras. I think this is a super important step that most people may not even realize needs to be done!

The reason some crystals, stones, and rocks are so amazing and powerful is because of their unique abilities to attract and deflect positive and negative energies. (Seriously peeps… it’s scientifically proven that different formations give off different atomic vibrations determined by their internal crystalline structures.) That is why certain types of stones or crystals are related to healing certain ailments in human beings. It all has to do with the energy frequency produced and retained.

(*Side note: The difference between crystals, stones, and rocks is simply the ways in which each of them is formed within the earth. With that, each formation has a different effect on the human body when being used for healing. If you are interested in healing something specific and not just to align your chakras I’d suggest doing some research to find what is right for you! I received these Crystals in my Yogi Surprise Box at the beginning of the month and have been playing with them since.)

BUT… what happens if these crystals picked up negative energies on their journey before reaching you? Well, you could possibly be aligning yourself with negatively charged stones, lessening their healing powers. Plus, don’t you officially want to make these crystals YOURS? Follow these 4 energizing steps to set positive intentions, and clear and cleanse your crystals for the most effective healing!

Step 1: Let your rocks soak up the power of the moonlight for a full 12 hours!

Everything seemed to fall into place for me because just days after my Yogi Box came in the mail, there was a full moon! I found this full moon crystal cleanse and basically did just what she recommended except a few variations (as listed below). But, to start, I simply placed them on the window sill and let the moon work her magic from 8pm-8am.

Step 2: Postive Intention Ritual: Meditate on each stone

I found this chart to be extremely enlightening and useful as I chose intentions for each crystal. Get creative and meditate on your desires & wants. I also had a set of chakra aligning incense that I used to burn because I liked the smell… But this time I was able to use them to cleanse each stone for about 7-8 minutes while focusing on each healing intention.

Step 3: Place each crystal on the related chakra to align & balance your chakras

Now, for the best part! The cleansing and clearing of your crystals pay off, and now you can align & balance your chakras and heal your body with positively charged crystals. Each stone has a different frequency that correlates to the rotation of our spinning chakras.(peep that doge ear peeking out on the left <3 )

Step 4: Continue to clear your crystals each month to maintain their healing powers

Ideally, cleansing should be done within 3 days of the full moon but there are countless other methods and techniques that can be used to clear your stones too! Find what feels good & what works best for you!

Got any good tips for cleansing your crystals? I would love to hear about them, so drop a comment below!

& until next time … Remember to keep it mindful! xoxo