June 21st, 2017…. DUH! You may also know that it is the Summer Solstice. Aka the longest day, the day with the most sunlight, the best day of the year! Whatever you want to call it. Today is THE day to set new intentions and get ready for big changes.

Do this to realign yourself….

Practice Gratitude

Spend some time reflecting on the past few months and write down 10 things you are grateful for. Tie up any loose ends, and apologize for any wrongdoings.

Journal it out!

Decide what you want to focus on for the next few months and write about it! Whether you prefer to write poems, stories, or even doodle, get the creative juices flowing.

Plan, Plan, PLAN!

The next few months can be whatever you make it! Try to set new goals and new intentions for the summer. Maybe you want to start a new fitness class, eat healthier, or start doing yoga. Sit down, write a plan and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Yoga Every Damn Day!

Season shifts and Solstices are the BEST time to commit to making changes because the universe is on your side! Challenge yourself with 108 sun or moon salutations to set the standard for your yoga practice moving forward. (I got mine done early this morning and already feel the magic!) Try it out… You never know what new goals may come up during your practice!

Now what….?

So if the Summer Solstice isn’t cool enough for you…. Today is also International Yoga Day! You may have seen a lot of posts about yoga today and for a good reason. Again, today is all about finding alignment and resetting yourself for what’s to come. And what better way to do that than to get on your mat and practice!

Whether it’s challenging yourself to practice a new skill or experimenting with a different type of yoga take time today to focus on yourself and your new goals for the months to come!

I have been practicing yoga (almost every day) for the past year and here are the top 5 things I have learned from my journey so far.

1) Being fully present is extremely enjoyable (no matter the situation)

Work, school, commuting, driving, sitting in traffic (I know it can suck…) But if you change the way you look at these moments you may find peace and serenity everywhere. I like to think of it as an ongoing practice to always find the best in every moment. Even if I am sitting in traffic, I look to the sky, see the sun shining and focus on all the good that happened that day. Then I bring myself to the present moment and just smile!

2) Your breath is the core of everything you do

Your breath is always there for you… (Obviously). Use it as your anchor, as you center yourself in every moment. There are many constants in our body, and for me, the act of inhaling and exhaling is extremely calming.

3) Listen to your body… It knows what you need more than you first realize

Yoga has been a huge catalyst for this change in my brain. Our minds are programmed to jump in immediately something doesn’t feel right. Our mind has also been altered by society to over analyze and think the worst in most situations. This is where being present is so important. Come into the present moment and FEEL your body. What is it telling you? What do you really need at this moment?

4) Investing in yourself (mind, body & soul) is ALWAYS worth it

This is a given… make time for yourself and see how your body, mind and soul changes in just a few weeks!

5) You can achieve more than you think

What are you waiting for…?! Get out there and enjoy life! You CAN do whatever you put your mind to. Think it, write it down, plan & manifest it to reality!

And I will leave you with this quote that has already changed my life so much. Remember to find peace within yourself, then allow it to radiate through you, into the world.