I recently started reading Moonology by Yasmin Boland and have since been fascinated by the wonders & powers of the moon and the zodiac calendar! I was immediately interested in how I could use the moon in my own life! I would definitely recommend reading this book if you are interested in learning more (Or just check out her website www.moonology.com)

Aries is the first zodiac sign (aka it’s a new astrological year)!  This month, you have an excuse to focus on yourself, your appearance and your dreams! So if you failed to stick to those New Year resolutions back in January… here is your second chance to get back on track! The New Moon is a time of beginnings and renewal. A time to let go of any past feelings or emotions and set positive intentions moving forwards.  So what better time than now to reset, recharge and refocus?

Aries is connected to brave Mars, and the energies around the Aries New Moon reflect this. Decide that you can be bolder in life – and then work on it. ~Yasmine Boland, Moonology

The New Moon (especially when it’s in Aries) is a time of beginnings and renewal. A time to let go of any past feelings or emotions and set positive intentions moving forwards.  So what better time than now to reset, recharge and refocus? Be courageous and do not be afraid of failure!

Here’s my New Moon Ritual:

1) Clear the negative energies

Burn old emotions that are bringing you down. Literally… you can burn old photos and notes, or whatever you need to feel free! I have a smudging ritual that I perform once a month to purify the air in my apartment. I use this White Sage, which has been used for centuries, to purify and release “heavy” and negative energies. Even if you don’t have or want to use sage, purify your meditation area by focusing on releasing what is not needed. Repeat a mantra that focuses on moving forwards towards your goals.

2) Get comfortable: dedicate a time & space for your practice

I set up a small area for my boyfriend and me to relax & meditate on our wishes. Find what space works for you, and allow yourself to relax & focus all of your attention to these new intentions.

Set the mood! Light your favorite candles or inscents, use your essential oils. Whatever makes you relaxed and comfortable. Grab any other props, like your crystals or stones. Put on some soft, soothing music. (I love the Deep Focus Spotify playlist.)  Turn your phone on silent and get rid of any other unnecessary distractions. Now, grab a pen & some paper and get ready to manifest!

3) Make a list of your top 10 desires & dreams

This is the best part. This is where you must really reflect on yourself & what you want to focus on. Before you make your list of goals, focus on what you currently have in your life. Start by thinking of things you are grateful for. This may make it easier to design appropriate, realistic goals for yourself.

If this is your first month, maybe your goals will be vague and random because you don’t have much of an idea yet. And that’s ok. If you have been New Moon wishing for a few months now, maybe you have a better idea of what you want to focus on this month. Especially being in Aries, really focus on starting over. Leave the past behind you and make a plan for the future. Inspire yourself, workout, eat healthier, wish for something you NEVER thought possible. Think outside of the box and be yourself.

4) Concentrate on how you will achieve these goals

Think of some steps you will take in order to do it. This continues the affirmation and makes you really ponder what it will take in order to achieve your goals! Visualize yourself succeeding in whatever you are wishing for.

5) Meditate on your dreams & goals

Close your eyes. Repeat your wishes. Release your energy to the universe! Send your intentions to the moon!

Each New Moon you should see how you did. Don’t be judgemental, rather be mindful and accept what you did. Be proud of the little steps you took towards accomplishing your goals. Revisit your goals and see which can be marked as complete and which you can tweak to make more realistic. Most likely some of your thoughts & ideas have changed so you will want to better align them with your current self.

Do you follow any New Moon Rituals? Leave it in the comments below so I can try it out next month!

Until next time, remember to keep it mindful!