Wow, it seems like it has been forever since I have written! May was a crazy month for me with a LOT of big changes… I graduated from Rutgers, then went on the most beautiful and relaxing trip to Confluence, PA where I was able to detox, unwind and enjoy time with my family (more to come on this trip). Shortly after, I was offered my dream internship and needed to take some time to mentally prepare for all of these changes!

At the beginning of May, I was all over the place… applying for jobs, finishing up my final finals, and worrying about what was in store for me post-graduation; Would I EVER get an internship or job? Where would I work? Would I continue my education next year? What else would I do this summer? Negative thoughts ran rampant for a while until I remembered something… I GOT THIS! I finished up classes, graduated, took a few weeks off to reset, made a plan and made it happen!

SO…. One month later, I have accepted an internship with Panasonic working on their Talent Management and Leadership Development team! I am beyond excited to start on the 12th because this is exactly what I ultimately want to be doing. Facilitating in people’s professional and personal growth is what I have worked towards for my entire college career and now I will be doing what I love for a global brand! The universe truly knows what you need, and when you need it. Although sometimes it may be a challenge, if you want it, work for it and wish for it, you shall receive exactly what you were searching for.

Being a new month with so many new things, I have set some new goals that I hope to work towards this summer:

  1. Meditate, Journal & Practice Yoga Daily

    I have really found peace through daily meditation and yoga practices. Throughout April and May, these activities kept me grounded and aware of what my body, mind, and soul needed. I think they played a huge role in where I am today both physically and mentally.

  2. Publish New Blog Posts Weekly!

    This is something I am really excited about! Every Wednesday I will publish a new post. I have a bunch of ideas that I want to get out there from balancing work-life, to spiritual and alternative views, to healthy and quick recipes for working people.  While I realized social media is not so much my forte right now, I will eventually get back into that too. For now, I want to focus on my internship and blog. I hope you will follow my journey into the corporate world and continue to follow my weekly blog! Leave a comment below if there is anything else you would like to read about. I am always looking for new perspectives and ideas.

  3. Continue to learn and become the best version of myself

    I will have an hour commute on the train every day and a long list of books that I hope to read this month. Reading is another thing that

  4. Get Creative & Inspire Others

    Creating makes me happy and is a great way to destress from a busy work week. Whether it’s through crafting, painting or writing I want to inspire others to find and become their most true and authentic selves. It is something that I am also still working on and that is why it’s called a journey! I hope you will join me, and start your own journey towards mindful living to become the best version of YOU!!