OOMMMMMMM! You’ve probably heard it before in some variation or another… but have you realized the powerful and life changing potentials of the sound? If you don’t believe me check out this video of amazing powers of the sound of OM.

I think this video really shows how truly universal the sound of OM can be and how it allows us to tap into the energies of nature all around us. The Sanskrit word OM translates to “source” or “consciousness” and has three distinct parts or sounds found within the word. Sanskrit is very intentional in that each sound or word has a specific vibrational frequency that is meant to resonate with the speaker. So let’s break it down…

A= “the beginning”

U= “the energy”

M= “the transformation”

How beautiful that one sound can represent all that?! I’ve also read many other representations of the sound such as: earth, life & death, being awake, dreaming & sleeping, and creation, connection & consciousness.

For me, it is the sound of a complete journey. It is about coming into the present moment, cleansing and soaking in “THE NOW” but being open and accepting of the fact that there are many stages of life and the universe will give us what we need when we need it. Because this sound has the amazing ability to connect with all life forces & energies, I love ending my yoga & meditation practices with a long, loud, powerful OMMM!

Although your housemates may think your nuts (mine sure do), give it a try next time you are wrapping up a practice! Don’t worry about feeling silly. Invite others to join you to really make it count and see if you can tap into the life force energy for yourself. Let me know your experiences with OM in the comments below!

Until next time, remember to keep it mindful!